Looking for Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM) and Healthcare Service in USJ, Klang or Puchong, Malaysia? Suntech Traditional Healthcare is incorporated the knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine practice and provide healthcare services with modern medical technology in Malaysia, to propagate the 5000 year old Chinese medicine practice to the modern society, with the advance computerized management system, from registration, medicine dispensing to payment, these processes are linked up to reduce the possibility of human error. Comfortable and clean environment, reflecting the enthusiasm of Malaysia Suntech Traditional Healthcare value their customers, Ion air purifier, drinking water dispenser and ventilation system were installed at the waiting area to ensure a high quality customer service are maintained at all times.

Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM) is experienced 5000 years in China and accumulated the knowledge of experienced practitioners, the Chinese Medical’s perception is that we have the self-recovery ability individually and our organs are connected. Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment or healthcare is based on syndrome differentiation, not only to diagnose the lesion or organ, we are looking for the pathogen of the disease and provide the right treatment at the same time. Our body has the self-recovery ability individually, therefore, the symptoms of disease just caution our body to remove the illness and not the pathogen, as if the fire alarm triggered, and we need to put off the fire and not to switch off the alarm first. Our organ is not functioning independently, therefore the Chinese medical through “Look, Hear, Ask, Find” to diagnose the pathogen, for example, Chinese medical will consider flu as the sign of the body is battling against external viruses. The lung straightens out in the nose; snot is one kind of phenomenon which removes lung’s algidity. Chinese medical treat the flu to increase our immunologic and assist to self-recovery ability individuality, if just suppress the snot, the illness will accumulated in internal body and damage our internal function, when the lesion is critical, it will become tumor or cancer.

Chinese Medical Treatment:
Chinese medical is also one kind of preventive medicine, the excellent physician is to prevent the pathogen. Chinese medical stress that Balance, our body is well distributed condition, will not have disease, also not be easy let the bacteria injury our body. Therefore the Chinese medicine recuperates individual physique emphatically, strengthens the immunity and result all the various illnesses from disappears.


Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM),Healthcare Services in USJ, Klang, PuchongChinese Medicine
The Chinese medicine is the nature gracious gift, through the unceasing practice, the ancient had discovered the plant and food that have the different functions to the human body, they use the medicine functions to well distributed human body’s balanced.
They not only provide TCM Chinese Medical Treatment consultancy, and also moxibustion, acupuncture, guasa, cosmetology, weight loss management, healthcare products and supplements.

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Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM),Healthcare Services in Klang, Malaysia
Suntech Traditional Healthcare
15 & 17, Lrg Batu Nilam 3A,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi,
41200 Klang. (near Giant)
Tel:03-3324 6511

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Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM),Healthcare Services in USJ, Malaysia
25, Jln USJ 9/5N,
47620 Subang Jaya.
(near Taipan CIMB)
Tel: 03-8023 1511

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Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM),Healthcare Services in Puchong, Malaysia
11, Jalan Kenari 6,
Bandar Puchong , 47100 Selangor
(near PBB Bank)
Tel: 03-5882 2592

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