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What is KOL (key opinion leader) Marketing?

Key opinion leaders (KOL) Marketing is a marketing strategy that employs key opinion leaders (KOL) in influencing audiences. KOL are people or organizations that have a strong social status in their community where their opinions recommendations are valued and listened to when making important decisions. Political figures and celebrities are good examples of key opinion leaders who are known for their work, knowledge and expertise.

How to identify key opinion leaders?

From micro-influencers to key opinion leaders, how to find the right partners to drive your brand awareness and customer engagement?

1. Ask yourself “who is a trustworthy man in this industry?”

Get a long list of the possible experts and narrow down the list by asking yourself who would you trust for your business or product recommendations. The expert that you tend to gravitate towards as your KOL is the one that you would trust if you were looking for a product recommendation.

2. Keep an eye on their reach, interactivity and engagement”

Fans, followers and subscriber numbers are key metrics to consider when looking at a KOL. Social media engagement like comments, replies, applause during lives, favourites, and shares are the puzzle pieces in determining an effective KOL. A KOL who has a million followers who never interact with him is not an effective KOL, because he is unable to get their involvement, with the effect that every next recommendations and marketing posts go largely unnoticed. Keep in mind that a true KOL opens to dialogue with societies. A KOL continuously develops conversations and responds to all the issues he received

How to find the best key opinion leaders for your brand?

Just like the number of supporters identifies the KOL, Relevancy is necessarily identified the most suitable KOL. Relevancy can be scaled through assessing his works, his philosophy, the field of professionalism, writing, posts, etc. and see if his knowledge is relevant to your products or services. Also, you would ask yourself with “does the public know and trust this person? Has he successfully recommended similar products or services before?” Follower counts and reaches are one thing, but to know if reached people are persuaded and likely to buy your products are equally important. By asking those questions above will help you figure this out.

What are the benefits of KOL marketing and how its strategy works?

An epic benefit of KOL marketing is it persuades trust within the public towards your products/services. KOL has tremendous respect in society. They are the experts in their fields hence the public takes much regard for what they say. They easily can dominate and influence the discussions in their niche and making strong opinions and recommendations with almost no doubt from the public. If a KOL positively mentions your products/services, or even merely uses them, the public views this as a positive endorsement for your brand. The KOL’s followers will, then, give your brand a go, and if they like it, they may become your loyal customers.

KOL marketing also increases search engine visibility and brand search-ability as the public tends to use social media to know reviews, to get recommendations and to find answers. Search engines are indexing many social media networks’ posts and optimizing the posts from KOL collaborations is a huge opportunity. You can also incorporate with SEO experts to boost your brand visibility. One of my favourites is Go Online Marketing Sdn Bhd ( Not only can they help you with search engine optimization, but they also specialise in content optimization, on-page optimization, audit and SEO consulting, local SEO and mobile SEO. I personally preferred Go Online Marketing Sdn Bhd because their proven SEO services guarantee Google page #1 ranking within 6 months – or I do not have to pay. Go Online Marketing Sdn Bhd increases the traffic by 120% and increases the revenue by 184%. To this date, this SEO expert has more than 106 satisfied clients and all the information and their proven SEO services can be viewed easily through their website (

How much does it cost to get a KOL to promote your product?

After reviewing countless pricing proposals, it is very well to say that there are no ‘ONE PRICE FITS ALL’ across the KOL’s promotion services. The pricing varies greatly depending on their followers’ number, post engagement, type of posts (picture, short video, IGTV life) and the placement of the content (e.g. as a post, a story, a live, on Facebook, on Youtube, etc.). The price also varies between the new KOL and the senior. Newbies will charge 3-digits bucks while prominent and well-known KOL can earn 4 to 5-digits bucks per post.

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