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KSL Hair Salon Is Located At L2 KSL City Mall Johor Bahru, JB. The award-winning hair salon in KSL that expertise in treating all hair types. Book

KSL hair service please call. The team of highly experienced hair stylists creates looks to suits each individual’s personality and lifestyle. Set in a modern contemporary furnishing, KSL hair salon offers a wide range of hair services using only salon grade professional hair brands like Mucota, Shiseido.

Hair Salon KSL thrives to give their clients an enjoyable experience with exceptional service.


I’m David

David is a hair stylist, business owner and educator, founder of Hair Academy, the most comprehensive technical curriculum for salons and institutions in Asia, and opened Hair Salon, a well-known salon business with locations in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

KSL Hair Treatment Services Price List

Detailed price list for Hair treatment services. Working with award-winning brand Mucota, and organic and biodynamic scalp care and treatment specialist – O’way, salon has curated a range of professional treatments and services:


Mucota Algana Treatment (3 Hours+) RM468 – RM568

Mucota Algana treatment is a no-formaldehyde solution to getting rid of frizzy hair, formulated with just the right PH balance to gently lift hair cuticles to the right levels, allowing maximum product penetration. This triple action treatment, will moisturize, soften and repair your hair.

ALGANA+ Argan Oil Treatment by Mucota is a revolutionary hair condition treatment that repairs and enhances hair integrity while incorporation the art of hair design.  Tis reparative condition treatment utilises modern Japanese hair innovation and ancient philosophy in hair designs that rebuild hair structure and restore shine to our hair.

Packed with rich antioxidant, rejuvenating vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-9, argan oil has myriads uses. One of the best ways to use it for hair care. Besides offering thermal protection against the harmful UV rays, this precious oil combats dry, rough, frizzy and dull hair.

WHY is ALGANA+ better than other treatments? 

ALGANA+ is a cysteine-based treatment (amino acid) and cysteine exists in our hair to give it strength and durability. Cysteine-based system is a modern form of hair treatment. This treatment uses naturally occurring essential amino acid to strengthen hair. It is safer and does not contain cancer-causing formaldehyde.

What our customers said

I am very happy I discovered Mucota products at hair salon. I fell in love with Mucota Aire No: 6. It not only holds my curls, it also improves my hair condition. Now my hair is so healthy unlike before when it was dry. Thumbs up for Mucota product.

Ann Chio

Amazing results with hair dye and mucota treatment. Staff are very friendly and professional.

Vivian Sim

Oway Scalp Treatment (1 hours+) RM208 – RM258

To stop hair loss and grow thicker hair permanently, you need a 100% natural and customized solution. Our salon use only 100% biodynamic micronized plants and environmentally friendly ingredients to treat and cure your scalp problems.

  • Is 100% natural
  • Gets long-lasting results without any side effects
  • Boosts blood circulation to hair follicles
  • Reduces hair loss immediately
  • Controls dandruff
  • Prevents premature greying of hair
  • Stimulates thick hair growth


  1. Clients who want to strengthen and balance scalp.
  2. A pre-treatment for a Hair-Loss, Rebalancing or Purifying Treatment.

*Not for those with extremely sensitive skin.

Oway Scalp Spa (45 minutes) RM138

To regenerate the mind and revitalise the scalp and hair, get ready to enjoy with the multi-sensory spa experience at  with salon Oway, the greenfully-designed biodynamic hair care experience created for the ultimate relaxation with personalized consultation and services.

KSL Hair Perm & Colouring Services Price List

Detailed price list for Hair perm and coloring service. Look fabulous with a hair chemical service at hair salon – choose from Digital Korean Perm, Cold Perm, Colouring, or Highlights.

Digital Korean Perm (3 Hours+) RM338-398

Combining skills and knowledge with the Korean trends, Salon KSL is the place you’d be able to find the most natural and feminine perms here. The perms last longer and are easier to manage as hair stylists know exactly what to do to keep the maintenance minimal.


Cold Perm (2 Hours) RM238 – RM298

Cold wave perm is a modern perm method that curls a section of the hair around a plastic rod, giving you a more defined look.


Shiseido Hair Color (2 Hours+) RM200 – RM320

A customisable dye programme that give dull, flat-looking hair a boost with this new hair colouring service by Shiseido Professional.

KSL Hair Cut, Wash Price List

A snazzy cut by professionals will leave you looking fabulous, strutting out of the brightly lit space with a wide smile and spills of confidence.

Wash & Cut Female (45 minutes) RM68

Wash & Cut Male (45 minutes) RM58


Best Hair Salon in KSL City Mall

Hair Salon KSL, a well-known salon business with locations in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Hair Salon KSL delivers a memorable personalized hair experience that make you want to come back again and again for their awesome haircuts, volume rebonding and perms! 

Best KSL Hair Salon – Hair Salon

Lot 2, KSL City Mall
no.33, Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad
Johor Bahru, JB

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