How to Create/Design Mobile Apps in Malaysia, Johor Bahru, JB

Want to Create/Design Mobile Apps in Malaysia, Johor Bahru,JB? The ultimate Mobile apps for iOS and Android app design course in Malaysia, Johor Bahru! This is your chance to create an app in just a few HOURS!! We teach you based on real-life knowledge and experience, not theory. Over 100 people has learn to build apps hands on in hours. Our course is packed with power features such as Generate QR Code, QR Scanner, Chatroom. We want you to get your app on Google Play or the Apple App Store as soon as possible.


This is a Business-in-a-Box with lifetime in.come potential


The trend today is that more people in the world own a mobile device compared to a toothbrush and the media landscape is rapidly changing with the rise of smartphone users. In just over 3 years, over 20 billion apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices. By 2014, mobile internet will take over desktop internet and even now, it is a fact that people will search for information on their mobile in times of need. These are overwhelmingly postitive numbers. They are so compelling that if business owners do not have a smartphone app strategy in place right now they are in danger of being left behind by their competitors.

Are you looking to start a business with the latest trends?

What can you earn in next 12 months?
If you follow the system set in for you and work on this as a full-time business, it is possible for you to earn even up to RM200,000 nett in a year.

At the very minimum, even if you work on this on part-time basis, you can earn at least RM10,000 in a month.
As the business has residual in.come set into it, if you continue to put in the same effort each time, your po.tential income will set to multiply even more!

If you plant your seed in well, when your client renews each year, all you have to do is collect the renewal income each year. This is the the type of Residual & Passive In.come Source that you want to put your effort and focus on.
So hurry, be part of the “A” team now and start building your business.

This 4M (Making Money With Mobile Marketing) Business Program comes with:-
1. One Day Training Workshop
2. One Year NPQ Channel Partner Business License Fee
3. Upto 3 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
4. Business email address
5. Affiliate online order link and acc.ess to online affiliate resource centre
6. Marketing collaterals – presentation slides, sales kit
7. Other product briefing/training where required
8. Optional* – Sales Visit with appointed coach as part of training
9. Optional* – Business Leads for those who qualify

The 1-day workshop introduces you to the latest trends and technology in SoLoMo (Social, Local and Mobile) marketing space and teaches you how you can help your client to develop their Mobile App. You will learn how you can apply SoLoMo strategies to help your clients gain more market share.

There will be practical session on actually developing a Mobile App for a business client. You will require to bring your own personal laptop for the session.

This fantastic package includes:
Over 32 Syllabus of simple step by step of learning material No need to be Computer Expert, NO Programming involve.
Just plug and play.

SYLLABUS include:
CHAPTER 1-Introduction to the SoLoMo concept, tools & technologies
CHAPTER 2-Understanding how the system works and what is happening locally in the social, local and mobile marketing space.
CHAPTER 3-Identifying business strategies, leveraging on SoLoMo trends and what works.
CHAPTER 4-Location with Google Map
CHAPTER 5-Facebook
CHAPTER 6-Twitter
CHAPTER 8-Youtube Video
CHAPTER 10-Create Events
CHAPTER 11- Google Calendar
CHAPTER 12-Gallery
CHAPTER 13-Gallery with Flickr
CHAPTER 14-Gallery with Picasa
CHAPTER 15-Capture Photo and email
CHAPTER 17-Tap to Call (Phone Number)
CHAPTER 18-Push Notification
CHAPTER 19-Create Ebook with HTML
CHAPTER 20-Upload PDF into App
CHAPTER 21-Ecommerce and Paypal
CHAPTER 22-Stream Music from iTunes
CHAPTER 23-Stream Music from Podcast RSS
CHAPTER 24-Create QR Scanner
CHAPTER 25-Create QR Coupon
CHAPTER 26-GPS Direction
CHAPTER 27-Places Nearby
CHAPTER 28-Meal Split Calculator
CHAPTER 29-Sport Stats Email
CHAPTER 30-Capture Customer Name and Email
CHAPTER 31-Design App Appearance

Workshop Details :-
Date : 11 August 2012 (Saturday)
Time : 10.00am – 6.00pm
Venue : 73-01, Jalan Austin Height 3, Taman Austin Height, 81100, Johor Bahru
Fee : RM1,280.00

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