In Malaysia, there are Discount Vouchers, SMS Vouchers / Coupons widely sale on many deals site, most of the deals sites in Malaysia are applying similar rules as group purchase, but none of these deals sites in Malaysia give away free vouchers / Coupons and deals. Some of the client might be experiencing impulse or unnecessary spending by purchased some of the deals but forgot/never redeems or disappointed by the products and services. For Merchant in Malaysia, it supposed to be a “viable” and “affordable” channel for them to advertise and market their products and services but it’s hurting the merchants’ baseline as they might be offering deals on cost price or even making losses and worst as there’s no repeating customer.


What makes different? GoGoGrab is a shopper’s paradise in Malaysia which provides a platform that help consumer to save money, no pre-paying of the deals in Malaysia, you only pay when you redeem your Free SMS Vouchers / Coupons at shops in Malaysia! You only pay for deals in Malaysia when you happy with the products and services provided by the merchant. Just show the merchants your FREE SMS Vouchers / Coupons in Malaysia from your inbox when you make payment and you’ll entitle a discount up to 90%! Rewards Program You will be reward GoGo points every time you grab and redeem any of the Free mobile Vouchers or Coupons. You also gets reward for refer a friend to join the site as a member. You may login and view your Affiliate Monthly Report to find out how many GoGo Points earned and redeem your GoGo Points at the Redemption Center. When your GoGo point is sufficient to redeem for the gift, just click on redeem, they will SMS you the code. Bring your I/C, fill in the redemption form and show the SMS REDEMPTION Voucher or Coupon to the service provider and get the gift for free.


For Merchant This is the most cost-effective marketing medium, allowing you to target both niche and mass audiences and the cost of Text Message Marketing is lesser than print, direct mail, radio and TV and with its high rate of response, it is the most cost-effective form of target-market advertising available today. Unlike other deal sites in Malaysia, they only charge for the SMS send to consumer, there will be a very much cost saving and effective marketing channels for the merchants. They offer a self service Voucher/Coupon distribution site, allow you to easily create your own mobile coupons. Creating and customizing your vouchers is simple, you can add your company name, logo, website and other details to be displayed on the voucher along with the voucher information and there will be a standard template for the terms & condition for your selection. Their webpage including the link will be automatically generated, ready to send as an SMS voucher code text message. Easy to Manage You don’t need to worry about some oversight case, especially for merchants that own few branches in different area, where they need to keep tracking of who used the discounts over few branches; they have an online system to help you to keep track all the vouchers. Wider Market Achievement Compare to other deals website, only customers that have online banking accounts or credit cards have the opportunity to enjoy the discounts or offers in Malaysia. In this site, they are giving free vouchers though SMS. Customers can request for Free SMS Vouchers/Coupons on their website. Over 90% of the consumers stand from 15 to 50 years old has mobile phone, but not every one of them have credit cards, now every one of them can get your offers and deals for FREE! Measurable and Risk Free Marketing You will receive monthly report which is an easy and comprehensive reporting and analysis that’s helps you measure the success of your campaigns. Repeating of Customers There’s a chance that consumer come back to your shop because of their redemption system. It also works as a royalty system for the merchant, every times when consumer redeem the FREE SMS Vouchers/Coupon at the merchant’s shop, they will be awarded GoGo Points. The consumers can use the points to redeem the gift from the merchants. Register Online as MEMBER for GoGoGrab Now! We are excited to inform you that Member registration is now open! Register online now to be among the first to know about the launch of GoGoGrab.

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