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Looking for Mobile Apps Developer in Malaysia, Johor Bahru, (JB) to develop a mobile application for your company? The iPhone and Android fever is spreading fast all over the world! It is roughly estimated that there are about 150,000 iPhone users in Malaysia with about 2 billion downloads made worldwide. Mobile content development in Malaysia is rapidly gaining momentum. Many Malaysian business owners are start looking for mobile apps development companies.

The process of designing an iPhone/iPad application is very much like to that of the creating a Mac OS X application. For traditional web developers familiar with HTML, CSS or JavaScript, many of these tools below will allow them to build an app in the code you understand best, then automatically rebuild the app using Apple iOS native code. But most of the apps created are either functional or games and does not mean for marketing purpose.
Mobile Apps Developer in Malaysia, Johor Bahru
We have an experience mobile apps development team in Malaysia with numerous mobile app developers specialised for marketing apps. If you’re looking for mobile apps developer in Malaysia that can help your company to brand and increase the sales and revenue, we are create the right apps for your business that fit the needs of your customers. You can be sure that with our experienced team you cannot go wrong.

ABI researchProfessional creative designs with attractive, relevant visuals. Mobile Application Development Services Offered, include:
Innovative software utilities and features, compatible with most current devices.
Customized icons and themes.
Self Management options for refreshing content and updates.
User friendly focus
Enables activation on all relevant platforms – iTunes and Android Market

Our mobile application developers develop rich, user friendly and custom applications including custom business solutions, content delivery applications, Business to Consumer (B2C) applications, CRM applications, internet based applications and client server applications. Our Clients normally will select some of the following functions to put in their app:
1. Around Us Tab – Point of Interest
2. Call Us Tab – One click call
3. Contact Tab -­ used to contact business
4. Direction View Tab – GPS navigation directions to location
5. Email photo Tab – used to email current photos or snap a photo and send it
6. Events Tab – used to set upcoming events in a calendar
7. Fan Wall Tab – for fans to post comments
8. *Food Ordering Tab – takes order from mobile phone
9. GPS Coupons tab – GPS coupon, similar to foursquare. Can access coupon when you are in certain distance to business, GPS check – in based loyalty program
10. Home Tab -­ home page with direct calling, directions, and tell a friend
11. Image Gallery Tab -­ displays images in a gallery
12. Info Tab (1,2,3 tier) -­ multiple tiered information for menu’s, company employees, etc
13. Loyalty Tab – Secret code based loyalty program
14. Mailing List Tab -­ prompts to join newsletter
15. Menu Tab – used for restaurants, can input prices. Good for single item input.
16. Messages Tab -­ push notifications
17. Mortgage Calculator Tab – calculates monthly instalments
18. *Music Tab – music tracks
19. Notepad Tab – take notes and email to anyone
20. PDF Tab – allows PDF to be viewed and downloaded
21. Podcast Tab – plays podcast RSS
22. QR Coupon Tab -­ QR code based loyalty program
23. QR Scanner Tab – self-­?explanatory
24. Reservation Tab (coming soon) -­ for making reservations
25. RSS feed Tab -­ used for blogs
26. *Shopping Cart Tab – built-­?in shopping cart and also integrates with 3rd party shopping carts
27. Sports Stats Tab -­ used to input any items and then add or subtract “points” (i.e. sports team-­?update stats and
can email to anyone)
28. Tell Friend Tab – share on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email
29. Tip Calculator Tab – bill splitting calculator
30. Voice Recording Tab – record voice and email to anyone
31. Website Tab -­ used to input any website (non-­?flash)
32. YouTube Channel Tab – adds a Youtube channel
*Additional setup fee applies. Separate quotation needed.
Tab Function
Tab Function
As we know, most of the enterprise application still cannot get away from pc and internet connection and we believe it
is time for us to change our mind, we can access our application anywhere anytime with mobile technologies. It is time for us to change web portal to mobile portal in terms of efficiency, process time and ease of use. It is an ideal tool for those companies that want to promote their product. They can update their information and reach their user easily with media streaming, which is supported by mobile phone today.

You might do not know what is location based? It is a latest technology for those who are interested to deliver their information efficiently. Mobile phone today can be treated as GPS device and it is integrated with mobile platforms component, we can use this component easily when we want to know our potential customer location.

Social Networking no longer stay inside the web and pc, it should be mobilized for people to use it to gather family and friends information anytime. We used to store our personal information into our pc but it is useless because we are not carrying our personal computer 24 hours but mobile phone will stick with us until it is spoiled or damaged. It will helps us to manage our things well. Mobile has their own screen size which is much more smaller than pc screen so we need to make our information that can be placed into screen.

Tell us your ideas when it comes to mobile application development, whereby it is focus to offer unique value proposition to the users. We can give you the best solution based on our experience and qualifications and you can always depend on us.

Our Clients Applications:

Mobile Apps Developer in Malaysia, Johor Bahru

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